By Dean L. Jones, CPM The last 11,700 years of the Earth’s history is referenced as the Holocene Epoch, which includes the development of agriculture, domestication of animals, invention of the wheel, development of writing, the Iron Age, advanced mathematics, … Continue reading


By Dean L. Jones, CPM Oh my gosh (OMG), genetically modified organism (GMO) may rule!  GMOs are as serious as the creation and use of the atomic bomb.   Mega corporation Monsanto, responsible for chemical pesticides, Agent Orange and Aspartame has … Continue reading

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Sugar Alert!

This entire web site serves to alert the public on the ill-effects received from eating too much processed sugar. Most importantly, processed sugar has zero caloric value that dangerously raises the body’s natural insulin level as soon as we eat … Continue reading

Free Will

By Dean L. Jones, CPM Humans have always sought out an enormous variety of potentially ingestible items that may perhaps help to provide individual distinctive abilities.  Although there have been a hefty number of successes in achieving a better method … Continue reading