Care Associate

MemorialCare Miller Childrens Hospital Location : Long Beach CA US Care Health System’s commitment to the health care needs of children and their families. Care Health System, we believe in providing extraordinary healthcare to… More >> … Continue reading

Tear Here

By Dean L. Jones, CPM While looking at a tiny single serve packet of Heinz Tomato Ketchup (0.32-Ounce), I wondered what it really meant when it says ‘Tear Here’.  The tomato ketchup ingredients listed on the packet state: tomato concentrate from … Continue reading

The Sweet Aisle

By Dean L. Jones, CPM Grocery market aisle coordination seems quite fair on how they display like items, as they even are kind enough to keep the sugary-filled items like candy, cookies, cakes, sodas, and ice crème grouped in their … Continue reading

Over and Above

By Dean L. Jones, CPM Over 1400 cold ready-to-eat cereals in the United States contain added processed sugars, some having up to six different kinds including sugar mixed with corn syrup, honey, dextrose or high fructose corn syrup.  Cereals marketed … Continue reading

Bring Something To Eat

By Dean L. Jones, CPM Television show host, physician and cardiothoracic surgeon, Doctor Mehmet Oz this week volunteered to help rid those bogus business offers that peddle so-called miracle pills and cure-alls to lose weight.  Dr. Oz appeared before the … Continue reading

Sleep Simplicity

By Dean L. Jones, CPM Millions of people suffer from a sleep disorder depriving them from useful rest, which is something that can directly pose serious health risks.  Destructively, many of those who suffer from sleep deprivation seek remedy from … Continue reading

Self-Knowledge Cures

By Dean L. Jones, CPM The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Minority Health (OMH) states that blacks can inherit a predisposition for contracting diabetes.  Furthermore, such agencies report that diabetes is a disease that disproportionally affects all racial … Continue reading

Mental Power

By Dean L. Jones, CPM The superhuman life of the late President Nelson Mandela (Madiba) spearheaded what can be analogous to being the source of giving a spring of living water which quenched the thirst of a multitude of millions … Continue reading

Apple Up

By Dean L. Jones, CPM A friend told me how his doctor recommended that he should not juice his apples because he would consume way too much fructose at one time, particularly since he has type 2 diabetes.  The doctor … Continue reading