Drinking 100% Orange Juice Under False Pretenses

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Sugar Alert – Drinking 100% Orange Juice Under False Pretenses
Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.

It is perhaps quite easy to go along with the advertising hype and the label stating it is 100% pure juice is just that.  Except, whenever something taste exactly the same every time is a key signal that nature has left the building.  Unvarying duplication is accomplished only at the hand of chemistry and the stuff on super market shelves is industrially-produced orange juice.  Nature’s oranges are literally squeezed of its’ oxygen (life) to prevent spoilage and stored for as long as a year before final processing.

Chemical scientist specializing in food flavors and smells are brought in to basically re-engineer nature’s taste.  So, in essence there is a false pretense presented by this food that it is good for you since it is 100% of the real deal.  But we all know that in nature every orange is not alike, as some are sweet and some are not. For that reason alone, be sugar alert about consuming most fruit juices that I call liquid candy.  Packaged fruit juices contain lots of simple sugar less the needed fiber that came with it.  Unfortunately, advertising campaigns want us to think of their fruit juices as a health food.

Real freshly squeezed orange juice will not last 60 or more days like most packages show with their fancy “Best Before” date.  Real fresh-squeezed orange juice will only last for a few days, even when refrigerated.  Processed food is a current problem for healthy living and I believe it is altering the genes of future generations.  There exists a high level of naivety believing that the body does not store nutrients from food in order to produce offspring.  The consequences can be seen in the growing number of children coming out of the womb with mental and physical ailments that we thought had been eradicated over a hundred years ago.

Too often in casual conversation you regularly hear about someone close suffering from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, gout, heart disease, and/or cancer.  If eating is important, then when it comes to drinking chemicals the body is going to react negatively.  There is a lot of unnecessary fructose contained in one eight-ounce glass of orange juice, packed with eight full teaspoons of processed sugar and at least 50% percent of that is fructose.  A can of soda has nearly the same chemical sweetness coming in at 8-10 teaspoons of processed sugar.

In view of this charade, remind yourself to cut to the chase and exercise discipline when drinking juices as excessive fructose will make you fatter than fat.  The body is not equipped to simply drink an orange, without earning its respect by personally squeezing it.  The fiber that accompanies the orange must be eaten in tandem for nature to do its thing properly.


Mr. Jones, is a marketing strategist with the Southland Partnership Corporation (a public benefit organization), sharing his view on mismanagement practices of packaged foods & beverages.