Any Old Excuse

By Dean L. Jones

Every time a sizeable amount of processed sugar is consumed it should be thought of as setting up a toxic outcome.  Headache sufferers should realize that inevitably eating processed sugar directly buildups toxicity and/or dehydration in the body. The processed sugar itself does not directly make a headache, but it causes the inflammatory conditions that lead to various head pains.

Even knowing this some people still conjure up any old excuse to indulge in consuming sugary items.  Open verbal excuses like ‘I must have this donut because my blood sugar is low,’ ‘I need something sweet to tie me over until dinner,’ ‘I know it is bad for me, but this one cookie won’t hurt,’ ‘I will work out twice as hard tonight at the gym,’ or, I do not do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol so I deserve to have at least one vice.’

Processed sugar is toxic to the very blood cells that carry glucose (blood sugar) throughout the body, which is why our bodies are not made to run on simple sugars.  When natural foods contain sugar it always has sufficient fiber surrounding it to ensure that it breaks down slowly during digestion.

Uninhibited blood flow prevents migraine and cluster headaches that come about from vascular constriction.  More than half of the time when there is a headache it starts with the loss of oxygen due to constricting arteries around the brain.  Under normal circumstances, delivery of glucose is kept constant by insulin created in the pancreas organ, however when the system fails, arteries cramp up, trying to force more flow.

The National Headache Foundation describes migraine sufferers as often craving carbohydrates (simple sugars) before or during a headache, a sign of low blood glucose.  The pain from a headache is the brain’s signal that it is in danger.  The food carried by blood to brain cells along with oxygen can ill afford to have sudden changes in the levels of blood glucose.

Hypoglycemia is the “crash” after an overdose, usually being a large portion of simple carbohydrates like processed sugar that forces arteries to spasm and withhold oxygen from brain cells.  This condition normally results in a painful cramping, better known as a headache.

Another thing some individuals may overlook is that since we are more likely to stay active longer during the summer months thereby running a greater chance of becoming dehydrated. Dehydration is a common way to get a headache and eating too much processed sugar can lead to it because our body has to dilute that processed sugar to keep it from harming vital body functions.

A smart decision is to avoid eating processed sugar and stay ahead of head pain by eating hydrating foods like cucumbers, lettuce greens, eggplants, zucchinis, cantaloupes, watermelons, pears, bell peppers, pineapples, carrots, mangos, and apples.  It is a really hot summertime, so live extra SugarAlert!
Since 2007, Dean steadfastly shares his understanding on the dangers of eating processed sugar.