Sugar Monsters

Slowing Down the Sugar Monsters

By Dean Jones, C.P.M.

Slow Down the Sugar Monsters is a sort of adopted slogan that I modified from a former business colleague, who has a group called When I participated in this group to help others about preventing and managing diabetes, a lot of the information garnered matched my own life’s pursuit to maintain a reasonably healthy eating pattern. Consequently, I learned and experienced that refined sugar was being overly consumed in my daily eating habits.

Around the same time, it was overtly brought to my attention at the start of August 2006, when my son (Brice, 21 years old) shared information on a few food ingredients that are used in products to help them acquire certain colors and appearances. Some of the added items like beetle shells prompted me to begin to look more closely at the labels of packaged goods. Surprisingly, bugs were the least of my concerns after noticing just how prevalent refined sugar and corn syrup are overly used as product sweeteners and preservatives.

This was my wake-up call to make a change toward improving my daily eating patterns. It was interesting that all of my life I constantly heard health and exercise experts describe the many dangers from eating sugar filled food products. These experts explained that sugar consumption causes unwanted calories in your body. So finally, my mind retained the message and placed it into action. Now I am living a personal dedication to ‘Slow Down the Sugar Monsters’ in my daily lifestyle.

The simple work is to avoid white sugar and corn syrup all day, everyday. At first, it was not easy since so many products are prepared with these two items. But, this experience of avoiding sugar gave me immediate and favorable results. My friends were so kind as to share their observations by expressing how my weight was coming off and my complexion was looking much more alive.

The most favorable result was the steady reduction in the unwanted weight around my mid-section and face. Prior to this new experience, I had gained a considerable amount of weight and I would go out to stores to purchase larger fitting clothes to keep up with my additional pounds. After avoiding sugar and without adding an exercise routine, my weight management is quite simply a piece of cake (pardon the pun).

My routine of avoiding refined sugar products is giving results of about one-pound per week reduction from not eating sugar-filled and fried foods. [Once sugar was eliminated from my daily routine, fried foods looked very silly and fried potatoes are no longer a sought after pleasure.] Personally, getting on the scale to review the pound(s) reduction is not an exciting event. Preferably, measuring improvement comes from being able to fit clothes that I used to wear. Like now, wearing pants and jackets that five and ten years ago I could only remember wearing is total excitement.

This is a ‘no-brainier’ to some, but too much sugar in my diet was silently crippling my health. This is my motivation for sharing with you in a concise web site, a vast amount of information about the dangers of sugar consumption. This basic knowledge is so common that it is frequently overlooked in our daily regime of food consumption. So many of us need greater insight on eating in order to motivate better behaviors, especially on the many dangers of eating sugar.

To everyone in my life whose has ever uttered to reduce the sugar consumption, I give thanks. Seeking information on good nutrition is endless, but right now I am in such a good place of understanding that everyday shows new results on my body and mind.

About twenty years ago I lost weight from reading and practicing ‘Fit for Life’. This information continues to serve me well today, but I needed a reminder about slowing down the sugars. This anti-sugar eating lifestyle makes everyday special since I am worry free of gaining weight.

We all have a unique body temple, which is a reason for sharing with you my personal experience. No doubt you will experience something slightly different, but the same will occur in your weight reduction. Our body is our life’s temple and we should not destroy it needlessly or cause it not to function properly.

Please accept my best in your quest for knowledge, understanding and wisdom in reaching for your greater health.

Empowering regards,

Dean Jones